Address Problematic Outcomes with Aspen After Surgery

While any experienced and well-trained practitioner will make sure to avoid complications as best as they can, they do still sometimes occur. Whether they’re caused by improper surgical technique or an unexpected biological reaction frequently matters little when you’re searching for answers and a way to resolve any troublesome issues you may be facing. The good news is there is now a non-surgical, proven, cost-effective way to not only address problems after surgery but also prevent them to begin with. The solution is called The Aspen After Surgery Treatment. This treatment uses advanced non-surgical technology and patented therapeutic techniques to ensure the best results. Aspen After Surgery is here for you, and we’ll help to guide you back to the results you deserve to enjoy. To learn more about how we can help you, simply reach out and set up your consultation with a member of our team today.

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How Aspen After Surgery Can Help You

We take care to connect with every patient about their needs and goals, so we can learn about the specific issues you’re facing and come up with the right treatment plan that sees them addressed. Your peace of mind is of paramount importance to us, so our team will work closely with you and guide you through every step of your process. Aspen After Surgery can help you deal with the following issues:

  • Breast implant unevenness, tightness, hardness, and discomfort
  • Liposuction Lumpy and Bumpy contour irregularities
  • Tummy Tuck lumps/tightness
  • Swelling, bruising, nerve damage after a facial procedure
  • Pain management for medspa procedures
  • Post Op Day 1  Lyphmhatic Drainage and recovery

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Our Post-Surgery Aspen Therapy Options

Take a look at the various ways we can help you with postoperative complications, and don’t hesitate to reach out and set up your consultation when you’re interested in learning more.

Breast Augmentation Complications

Issues like capsule contracture or capsular hardening (breast implants that sit high, hard, and sometimes painful) can sometimes cause minor cosmetic issues, while other times they can cause painful medical problems that must be dealt with immediately. We offer a number of methods by which we can address these issues and restore your results. Don't forget, if you've had these problems in the past, we offer the Aspen Treatment after surgery to help prevent these issues from re-occurring. 

Tummy Tuck or Lipo Complications

We often see issues like contour irregularities (Lumpy and Bumpy) or other issues related to the tummy tuck (which is a much more invasive and involved procedure) that can cause tightness and sometimes discomfort. We can help you with safe, effective, and non-invasive therapies that will effectively deal with these issues.

Facial Therapy

Sometimes after a facial procedure, patients can experience issues like facial swelling, facial bruising, and sometimes even nerve damage. We have the ability to help you overcome these complications, so you can enjoy your ideal appearance and make a full recovery from your facelift procedure.

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Restoring Your Results

Dr. Cappuccino has implemented the Aspen After Surgery treatment as he believes in providing his patients with every option to get the best results. Choosing a Plastic Surgeon who utilizes post-op Aspen vs relying on just natural recovery and healing is what separates him from other surgeons.  He believes that you deserve to enjoy the results you were looking forward to better, faster, and with fewer complications.  If you’re feeling frustrated with postoperative complications, reach out and set up your consultation with a member of our staff today. We’ll get to know your issues and work with you to chart a course for recovery.

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