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Hair loss can be a serious concern that impacts confidence, makes you look older, and alter your appearance. Hair loss is a concern that affects millions, with a variety of potential remedies and treatments. One of the most effective non-surgical treatments is LightStim, which can stop and reverse hair loss. LightStim includes no chemicals, medication, or invasive measures, but it provides outstanding results.

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LightStim uses low level light therapy, or LLLT. LLLT increases circulation and stimulates regeneration at the cellular level. Beyond restoring hair growth, LLLT has been shown to help regenerate the skin, heal wounds and reduce pain. 

LightStim applies LLLT energy to the balding or thinning area, which triggers multiple positive effects, such as an increase in blood flow and oxygen, an increase in metabolic activity, and a blockage of DHT, the hormone that causes hair loss. 

The increase in blood flow and oxygen strengthens the hair follicles and stimulates them to start producing thicker hairs again. The increase in metabolic activity boosts hair growth and provides cellular regeneration.

LightStim and the Hair Growth Cycle

Each hair on your head grows in several phases. A hair follicle spends several years in the growth phase. A resting phase follows, during which the hair stops growing for several months. At this point, the follicle sheds its hair and the cycle starts again. 

Thinning or balding is caused by hair follicles essentially shrinking over time, during which the growth phase becomes shorter. During each cycle, the hair produced is shorter and thinner than the cycle before it. The LLLT energy in the LightStim device reverses this effect at the cellular level, stops the shrinking, and allows the hair to grow more freely and thickly again. 


  • Increases blood circulation
  • No pain or downtime
  • Safe for use on all skin types
  • Non-surgical hair restoration
  • Lengthens the period of hair growth during the follicle cycle
  • Thickens hair
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Results After LightStim Hair Restoration 

As a result of the LightStim treatments, the hair follicles spend a greater amount of time in the growth phase of the hair cycle, and thinning and balding are slowed. Because blood flow is increased, more nourishment is provided to sustain the hair follicles. To achieve even greater results, LightStim can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as PRP and NeoGraft hair transplantation. 


LightStim is FDA approved, safe, and appropriate for men and women. Individuals who are experiencing thinning, weakening hair are likely excellent candidates for LightStim treatments. Ideal candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Are generally in good health
  • Are experiencing hereditary hair loss (male or female pattern hair loss)
  • Are in the early stages of hair loss 
  • Are not fully bald
  • Have thin hair
  • Would like to take a non-surgical approach to hair restoration
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Our LightStim Pro Panel is a 20 min in-office treatment that can be done alone or immediately after treatments such as PRP or NeoGraft to decrease discomfort and enhance hair growth.

We offer the very best and latest state-of-the-art hair restoration treatments. Our clinic is comfortable, friendly and professional. We want to help you regain the confidence that comes with a thick, full head of hair, which is why we offer painless, non-invasive LightStim treatments. Call today for a consultation.

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