Acne scar treatments with Dr. Cappuccino

Dr. Cappucino will examine your skin and discuss your treatment options with you. Typically, his treatments are non-surgical, but if the scarring is particularly severe, he may surgically excise and close the scars as a part of your in-office skin renewal. 

Depending on the severity of your scarring and your aesthetic goals for your skin, Dr. Cappuccino will perform some combination of the following treatments and procedures:


During excision, Dr. Cappuccino will surgically remove the scar tissue and then carefully close the skin. This achieves a dramatic improvement, removing the depression and leaving the skin looking natural and smooth. The new scar is flat and can be treated with laser resurfacing or other combination treatments. 


Dr. Cappuccino will insert a small needle into your skin, releasing the acne scar from the underlying tissue. This procedure allows the depressed skin to rise, diminishing the appearance of the acne scar.


Bellafill is a long-lasting filler that is FDA approved to treat acne scars. The filler is used to fill the depressions in the skin by adding volume. The depressions in the skin are brought to the level of the surrounding skin, resulting in a smooth, attractive contour for up to one year. 


Microneedling can be performed in multiple sessions over a period to time to promote the growth of new collagen. Microneedling uses tiny, fine needles to create micro-punctures, stimulating the body’s natural skin rebuilding process. The skin renews itself, reducing the appearance of acne scars.


INFINI RF is a microneeding technology that combines radiofrequency to heat the underlying tissues of the skin and dramatically stimulate collagen production. With INFINI RF, results are magnified due to the dueal power of micro needling and RF technology. 


TCA CROSS is specifically designed to treat acne scars. During treatment, Dr. Cappuccino will apply 100% concentrated TCA to the deepest acne scars. This solution dissolves the scar tissue and allows your skin to rebuild itself in its natural, smooth form. At least four rounds of treatment are needed, administered approximately two weeks apart.

HALO Laser

The HALO laser is an effective treatment for acne scars. HALO laser treatments combine ablative and non-ablative lasers. The treatment makes tiny micro-wounds in the tissue, deeply triggering the production of collagen and elastin to rebuild and restructure the skin. At the same time, the surface of the skin is exfoliated and smoothed.

Contour Laser

The Contour Laser provides deep ablation of the scar tissue that acne leaves behind. During treatment, the scar tissue is destroyed. Collagen and elastin production is also significantly triggered to restructure the skin in its natural, smooth contour. 

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Which treatment is right for me to resolve acne scars? 

Every patient is unique and has different levels of severity when it comes to acne scars and other skin qualities. In many cases, there is no single right treatment to resolve acne scars. Instead of focusing on one type of treatment, Dr. Cappuccino customizes the treatment plan for every patient, using a combination of effective treatments to address their individual needs. 


  • 10 or fewer treatment areas: $400 per session.
  • 10 or more treatment areas: $600 per session.
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Why choose Dr. Cappuccino to treat acne scars?

Dr. Guy Cappuccino provides a welcoming, modern environment for patients where they can relax under his expert care, knowing they are in the hands of an experienced, highly skilled doctor. With Dr. Cappuccino, you are treated with attentive understanding and care. Dr. Cappuccino seeks out the most modern technology and state-of-the-art treatments to provide stunning results for his patients. Please call today for a consultation about your acne scar treatments with Dr. Cappuccino.

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