This dermal filler enhances your facial features with hyaluronic acid gel, a naturally occurring substance in your body. VOLUX™ is particularly effective at adding volume and definition to your chin and jawline, giving you a more balanced and youthful appearance.

The process is simple: Dr. Cappuccino or one of our nurse injectors will injects VOLUX™ into the targeted areas using a fine needle or cannula. The gel then binds with water molecules in your skin, providing immediate volume and lift. Over time, your body naturally metabolizes the hyaluronic acid, so results are temporary but can last up to two years.

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Am I a Good Candidate?

When considering VOLUX™ as a treatment option, here are some factors that can help you decide if you're a good candidate:

  • Age: Individuals between 30 and 60 are considered ideal candidates for this treatment.
  • Skin elasticity: Those with good skin elasticity and facial muscle tone are likelier to experience optimal results.
  • Health: You should be in good overall health, with no underlying medical conditions that could affect your healing process or increase the risk of complications.

    Benefits of JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™

    Some of the benefits you may experience with VOLUX™ include the following:

    Enhanced volume, definition, and projection: It helps sculpt and sharpen your jawline's contour and can add volume to your chin and cheeks to improve facial harmony and balance.

    Natural-looking, long-lasting results: As a hyaluronic acid-based filler, VOLUX™ integrates seamlessly into the skin, adding volume to your facial tissues, with results that can last up to 18-24 months.

    Non-surgical treatment: Since VOLUX™ is a non-invasive procedure, you can avoid the risks and lengthy recovery times associated with surgery, making it a flexible option for busy patients.

    Safety: JUVÉDERM® is a reputable and well-known brand of dermal fillers, ensuring that you receive a high-quality, safe product. Having the treatment administered by a qualified and experienced specialist, such as Dr. Cappuccino, provides the best results and minimizes potential risks.

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    How Does The Procedure Work?

    • Preparation: Dr. Cappuccino or one of our nurses will cleanse the area to be treated and may apply a numbing cream for your comfort.
    • Injection: Then she'll carefully inject the VOLUX™ gel into the designated areas using a fine needle.
    • Massage: Lastly, she may gently massage the treated area to ensure the even distribution of the gel.

    The entire procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on the treated area.


    To ensure optimal results and minimize any potential side effects, follow these aftercare recommendations:

    • Avoid touching the treated area for six hours. After this time, you may gently cleanse the area with soap and water.
    • Minimize exposure to extensive sun or heat for the first few days. Use sunblock if you do need to be outdoors.
    • Refrain from consuming alcohol for 24 hours post-treatment.
    • Postpone any strenuous exercise or activities for the first two days following the procedure.
    • Schedule follow-up appointments with Dr. Cappuccino to assess your results and discuss future treatments.
    • Some common side effects of JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ might include temporary redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection sites. These should subside within a couple of days.
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    Results from VOLUX™

    Overall, the results of VOLUX™ are often described as natural-looking and long-lasting, with patients achieving a more defined and rejuvenated chin and jawline. These results typically last 18-24 months, an extended duration due to the filler's unique formulation, designed to provide structural support and volume in the targeted areas. The hyaluronic acid-based gel VOLUX™ gradually breaks down over time, allowing for a gradual return to the pre-treatment state. Regular maintenance treatments can help sustain the desired outcome beyond the initial duration.

    About Dr. Cappuccino

    Why Choose Our Team for JUVÉDERM VOLUX™?

    Our dedicated team has been serving the Mount Airy area for over a decade, offering the latest cosmetic excellence to patients in the Frederick area and beyond. Dr. Rachel Cappuccino and our team of nurses specialize in non-surgical procedures, including injectables, BOTOX, laser treatments, and consultations for hair restoration.

    Dr. Cappuccino herself emphasizes that many patients initially hesitate to try dermal fillers due to concerns about looking "overdone" like some celebrities. She reassures patients that most individuals who have had fillers done appear natural and more youthful, without an obvious "plastic" appearance. During your consultation, she as well as our nurses will discuss the specific results you can expect from dermal fillers in Maryland.

    To discover how our team can help you, contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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