And now a word from our skin care nurse Helene Taylor:

How can I get rid of these ugly brown spots on my face and hands?
What causes brown spots ?
Hyperpigmentation is of the most common tale tell sign of aging skin. Sometimes these ugly brown spots “age spots“ but the formation of these ugly spots actually have nothing to do with the aging process at all. Look at the areas of the body with the least exposure to the sun such as our buttocks and breast, these areas are a good indicator of how your skins naturally ages . Aging skin will sag and the epidermis ( top layers of skin) will begin to thin. Wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are not part of the natural aging process of our skin. This damage to the skin is known as photodamage and is due to our lifestyle choices, mainly overexposure to the sun for a prolonged period of time. When we ask clients about their sun exposure. The usual response is that they wear sunscreen at the beach. This is a big misconception of what truly causes the photodamage to our skin. The truth is the majority of your damage is caused by the UVA ray exposure on a daily basis, in all weather conditions all year long. We educate our clients that the best defense against the aging process is sunscreen every day.
How is hyperpigmentation treated ?
There are several modalities of treatments for these ugly brown spots depending on the size and color of the spot. Clients that present with a light brown diffuse spot on their face and hands usually have good results with just a home care regimen. They are started on a regimen of prescription grade Retin A and Hydroquinone 4% and usually have a clearer complexion within 2 weeks after starting treatment. For moderated amount of hyperpigmentation and some fine lines we recommend a series of medical- grade peels administered by a nurse, spaced one month apart to remove the skin’s upper layers where the brown cells cluster. A prescription grade skin care is also recommended for homecare.
Clients with dark and more pronounced hyperpigmentation we recommend IPL (intense pulse light). A series of 1 to 6 IPL treatments are needed to obtain optimal results. IPL (intense pulse light) penetrates the skin to break up clusters of red and brown pigments. The clusters then slough off the skin’s surface revealing healthier skin. There is virtually no downtime with this treatment and you will be able to return to work the next day. For patients with severe hyperpigmentation and deep wrinkles the best treatment plan is a series of TCA peels which is administered by a doctor and can require a week downtime.
Long term treatment plan
Once the photodamage is reversed and your skin returns to a healthy state you must then begin a maintenance program with a medical grade skin care line for life. The skin is the biggest organ of your body and like your other organs, as it ages it requires medical treatment. Your skin care regimen for home should include a prescription grade skincare line that includes retinols, vitamin C , hydroquinone, glycolic acids and a daily sunblock with zinc ( 7% or higher). It is possible to get rid of these ugly age spots but it will take time, a comprehensive homecare treatment plan and most of all the clients compliance with changing their lifestyle and avoiding the sun.

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