We believe your personal skincare needs depend on variety of factors. What is the magic number for facials? The first thing to consider is why you are getting a facial. If you have normal or combination skin, we recommend monthly facials. If you have problematic skin that is oily, acne-prone with breakouts, black heads or clogged pores then you should get a facial every two weeks to heal the problem and then once a month to maintain.
Many women who’ve had facials report that they get them because it’s a relaxing experience. Facials should be a medical treatment for your skin, not just relaxation. If the relaxing experience is the sole reason for getting a facial, we recommend to our clients to have a massage or reflexology instead. When you have a facial at a medi-spa there is more of a dermatological focus, rather than being relaxation oriented. To understand why facial are beneficial you first need to understand how the skin is constructed. Our skin has three main layers: the subcutaneous layer, the dermis, and the epidermis. Cells are “born” deep in the dermis and work their way to the surface, or the epidermis. In your teens your epidermis sheds and renews itself about every 16 days. Their skin always looks fresh and never the need for a moisturizer because they are constantly shedding dead cells. As we age, the renewal cycle lengthens to every 28 days. This is why the major complaint we hear from our clients is there skin feels dry and looks dull. The dead cells are not being shed and are lying on the surface of the skin. When you have a facial once a month, you are supplying the newly forming cells with good nutrition through increased blood circulation as well as removing the surface dead cells that are ready to come off, leaving your face with a youthful glow.
So what are the benefits of a professional facial?
– Skin Consultation- The Esthetician uses a special magnifying lamp to assess your skin. This allows them to determine the best treatment plan for your facial and establish a home care regimen.
– Exfoliation – Using a mechanical or chemical exfoliant to remove buildup of makeup, dead skin, and impurities from the environment. Exfoliation stimulates cell turnover rates and rids the surface of excess dead skin. Removing layers of dead skin allows the medical grade skin care products to penetrate deeper into the skin for better results.
– Extractions- A thin vapor of warm steam is applied to your face. This helps soften blackheads and whiteheads that need to be extracted.
– Antioxidant Treatment- Helps improve severely dehydrated skin, antioxidants help repair damaged cells and prevent further damage of the skin.
– Facial Mask- Targets your skin type and condition.
– Massage- Facial massage will stimulate the blood flow and draw oxygen to all layers of the skin. This helps to stimulate healing, lymphatic drainage, and nutrient delivery.

If you want to have the best possible skin for a lifetime, find a great esthetician, get on a good skin care regime, and follow it! So how often should you get a facial? If your budget allows, you should go once a month, if not, try to go at least four times per year at the change of each session.

The importance of professional treatments cannot be overemphasized but a daily at-home care program

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