Here is a list of the top 5 benefits of FUE hair transplantation as compared with the older FUT method:

1. Office based procedure- FUE with NeoGraft is an office based procedure performed entirely under local anesthesia. Patients can drive themselves to and from the office and avoid the costs, inconvenience, and risks associated with the more invasive strip method required for FUT.

2. Quicker recovery time- FUE procedures such as NeoGraft allow patients to return to their normal daily activities in as little as 1-2 days. There are no staples or stitches to remove. The bandage is removed 24-48 hours after the procedure. Special care and washing instructions are given to each patient.

3. No linear scar- There is almost imperceptible scarring when compared to “strip procedure”, which may leave you with a very noticeable scar. This is important for patients who would like to keep a short hairstyle as the scar from the strip method is noticeable. The extraction sites from FUE range from 0.8-1.0mm which close up on their own in just a few days without a noticeable scar.

4. Less painful recovery- Pain is minimal following FUE procedures. Most patients report only needing Tylenol on the evening of the procedure. Long acting local anesthetics make the recovery process quite manageable without the need for narcotics. After 24 hours most patients describe no pain at all.

5. Higher graft survival rate- FUE has a 90-95% graft survival rate as compared with approximately 75% survival rate of FUT method. The precision harvesting of FUE allows less trauma or transection of the hair follicles during the harvesting process.

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