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One of the most common surgical procedures I perform is the so called mini-facelift. For patients with lower facial laxity, jowls, and sagging cheeks it can offer outstanding correction. But what makes it mini?

Different doctors will define mini-facelift differently. For some it is shorter scars and less undermining, for others it means less dramatic results with shorter downtime. So when researching mini-facelifts, understand there will be different definitions and be sure to ask your doctor exactly what it means for them. Also, the mini-facelift technique can go by different names such as “S lift” or “lifestyle lift”. It is important to realize that with surgical procedures, every patient, surgeon, and operation are unique.

For my patients a mini-facelift has the following features: performed in-office under local anesthesia only, invisible self-dissolving stitches, short inconspicuous scar, no bruising, minimal swelling, minimal discomfort, and just a few days of social downtime at most. I incorporate all of the key features of traditional facelifts to ensure maximal results and longevity while minimizing costs and recovery time.

The mini-facelift takes about three hours to perform. After the procedure, patients can drive themselves home if they wish. The results are visible immediately, but the aesthetics improve over the course of 1-2 weeks as swelling subsides. Typically we incorporate cheek volume restoration in the form of filler, (temporary or permanent) or fat transfer at the time of the mini-facelift. This allows us to create a more youthful look with a less invasive procedure.

One of the biggest concerns I hear when people are considering a facelift is that they don’t want to look, “pulled”, “wind-blown”, “surprised”, or “fake”, and invariably they tell me about a friend or neighbor who had a facelift done and looks ghastly. Well, it’s true, some facelifts can be overdone and yield those results, but that is the rare exception. You see, you can only spot the overdone patients. The people with superior facelifts don’t look obvious, but just look natural. A well done facelift in my hands results in a rested, rejuvenated, youthful look, not weird or obvious.

Expect results to last 5-10 years, but this is very dependent on how well you take care of your face. Sunscreen and good topical skin care products go a long way to maintenance of results. Combined with injectables such as Botox and fillers, results can last even longer.

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