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Fat Grafting Surgery Uses Your Own Fat to Fill Wrinkles

Though traditional procedures like breast augmentation may get a lot of recognition, many patients are electing to “augment” their bodies using their own fat stores, according to FOX News.

Insight on Growing Trend in Cosmetic Surgery:

Fat grafting surgery, which is an alternative to somewhat more involved implant procedures, uses stubborn fat deposits from a harvest site on the patient’s own body. This may include the stomach, thighs, flanks or another site.

Once the fat has been removed through liposuction, it is purified. Using a thin needle, your plastic surgeon then injects it into the chosen site.

Your own purified fat can be placed through fat grafting surgery in many areas of the body, like the buttocks or breasts to provide projection and fullness, or to fill dimples. However, one of the most popular sites for fat grafting surgery is the face. When facial fat grafting is performed, your own purified fat can fill deep lines and wrinkles. This is an alternative to dermal fillers for those who would prefer a more natural option.

As a bonus to fat grafting surgery, the downtime is minimal, often less than what it would be for an implant procedure. It is also a long-lasting alternative, after the fat graft has been accepting in the new location by your body.

Study Examines the Best Age for a Facelift

best age for a faceliftGood news for seniors wondering if they are at the best age for a facelift—advanced age may not mean a higher risk for post-operative complications, according to HealthDay News.

In a recent study of more than 200 women over the course of three years, Cleveland Clinic found that female facelift patients over 65 who were first properly screened did not present a high risk for complications. This is compared to women of a younger age, provided they too, did not present complications in a screening.

Any patient who is at the best age for a facelift will exhibit a more toned lower face and reduced lines and wrinkles following surgery.

To come to these findings, the creators of the study compared how women over the age of 65, and a group of women under 65, fared both during and following a facelift surgery.

Given that no possible complications were found prior to surgery, the patients were found by the study to have similar rates of complication—proving the best age for a facelift may be any age, as long as other factors are considered.

The creators of the study did stress, however, that proper screening of patients is key and not every patient over the age of 65 (or even under it) may be an ideal candidate. The study also did not determine a maximum best age for facelift surgery.

Aside from facelifts, seniors often elect to undergo several other facial procedures to reduce some advanced signs of aging. This includes a forehead lift, which opens the eyes and corrects a sagging brow. Eyelid surgery can also take years off one’s apparent age by reducing bags and sagging skin above and under the eyes.